"Dear Chinatown" Film Production
Harry Cocciolo — Director, Writer
Philip Lim — Director of Photography
Suosdey Penn — Creative Director, Writer
Laurale Wunsch — Producer
Dan Melton — Assistant Camera
Erik Lehmer — Sound Technician
Meifeng Deng — Exec. Assistant, Health & Safety Admin.
Roman Cocciolo — Production Assistant
Ford Cocciolo — Production Assistant 
Matt O'donnell — Editor
Joaby Deal — Sound Mix Engineer
Sean Wells — Colorist
Deva Blaisdell-Anderson — Producer, Impact Media
Lisa Blakely
The Honorable Willie L. Brown, Jr.
Gordon Chin
John Choy
Rev. Norman Fong
Karen Gansen
Tammy Hung
Calvin Ho
Sandy Jiang
Whitney Jones
Cathie Lam
Asher & Shi Wei Situ
Malcolm Yeung
Eddy Zheng
"Awards Presentation" Video Production
Mitchell Chang — Director, Editor
Suosdey Penn — Creative Director, Producer
Award Presenters:
Jane Chin — CCDC Board Co-Chair
Lindsey Quock — CCDC Board Co-Chair
Award Recipients:
Aaron Lim — Super Volunteer Award
Jackie Downing & Lemlem Rijio — Crankstart, Angel Award
Elvin Padilla — Stupksi, Angel Award
Jen Hamilton — Room to Breathe Project, Angel Award
(not on camera)
Jest Jammin':
Joellen Chew — Vocals
Rev. Norman Fong — Vocals
Gordon Jeong — Keyboards
Bill Keast — Trumpet
Brad Lum — Bass Guitar
Victor Ng — Vocals, Lead Guitar
Ed Toy — Drums
Haley Wong — Sax
Phil Wong — Congas
Jan  Yonemoto —  Sax
"Love Letters" Video Production
Mel Chan — Editor, Motion Graphics*
Suosdey Penn — Creative Director, Producer
* created animated titles for entire virtual program
Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Matthias Mormino
Chang Jok Lee
Wing Hoo Leung
Lisa Yu
Sandy Jiang  (writer)
Additional Film and Photography
Thank you to these artists and folks for allowing us to  ​include their work in our program: Roy Chan, James Q. Chan, Mitchell Chang, Carmen Chen, Emma Marie Chiang, Erika Gee, Chris Huie, Todd Johnson, Vida Kuang, Aaron Lim, Andria Lo, Felicia Lowe, Gabrielle Lurie, Suosdey Penn
Archival photo and film credits: Leung's White Crane Lion & Dragon Assoc., Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation, Chinese Historical Society, Library of Congress, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Examiner
CCDC Resource Development 
Julia Ling — Director of Resource Development
Matthew Lew — Donor Relations Associate
Audrey Ronningen — Resource Development Assistant
Thanks to the R&D team who for the past three months fundraised, signed sponsors up, coordinated dinner sets with restaurants, and created the programs and promotional bags for all our donors!
Donna Chan, Jen & MJ Chan, Lisa Chen, Tan Chow, Meifeng Deng, Jason Chommanard, Erika Gee, Calvin Ho, Sandy Jiang, Judy Kuang, Kelly Ma, Diana Pang, Eric Yu, Lisa Yu
CCDC Staff
Restaurant & Delivery Partners
Thank you to Harborview in San Francisco, Great China in Berkeley, and The Kitchen in Millbrae for providing our "gala banquet dinners" for our virtual celebration.
Your delicious dinner sets, that we delivered to event sponsors all over the Bay Area, helped make our celebration even more special. It was a huge undertaking to coordinate seamlessly on this scale (as this has never been done before) and we are grateful for you jumping on board and working with us.
And finally, thank you to our meal delivery partner, DoorDash. We are grateful for your commitment and professionalism in helping us fulfill dinner set deliveries to our sponsors.